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Industry Visit

An industrial visit to Anmol biscuit factory site located in Maitypara, Dankuni,District Hooghly was organized by JSB on 3rd of August, 2013.

The journey of Anmol started in the year 1995 with one unit in Noida, New Delhi and a corporate office in Kolkata, West Bengal. The Dankuni site started its operation with one plant.Presently with a plant strength of five, Anmol produces twenty seven different varieties of biscuits starting from cream biscuits to crunchies which require a number of ingredients like wheat, flour, sugar, butter, water, vegetable fat, skimming salt, edible oil, chocolate, color and enhanced ingredients like cashew, walnut etc. All these ingredients are mixed in proper proportion to generate dough which is of mainly two categories namely hard and soft. From dough different types of biscuits are produced according to the requirement through a series of processes.

In Anmol, Production process is mainly based on flow concept using automated operation. The dough is passed through the roller cutter according to the shape on the belt to the oven. Firstly through the preliminary zone which makes the biscuit strong, secondly through the heating zone which makes the biscuit crisp and perfect and finally through the color zone which makes the biscuit looks yummy and attractive. The biscuits are then passed through the cooling conveyer with a normal temperature to cool down. Next salt is added in case of salty biscuits or cream in case of cream biscuits.