Approved by All India Council for Technical Education

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Jyotirmoy School of Business, JSB, one of the top B Schools in Kolkata, offers PGDM programme, a two year programme divided into six trimesters, 1st and 4th trimesters ordinarily begin in July and end in October; 2nd and 5th trimesters begin in November and end in January; 3rd and 6th trimesters begin in February and end in April. A Summer training takes place in every May – June (6 – 8 weeks duration) after completion of the 3rd trimester. If, for any reason, there is a delay in the commencement of 1st trimester, the subsequent 2nd and 3rd trimesters may be correspondingly delayed. But in no case the duration of the summer training shall be less than 6 weeks.

  • 1.The attendance of the students to this programme is mandatory.
  • 2.A student is required to qualify into the internal test of this programme.

There are all together 36 papers of 100 marks each, comprising of 24 compulsory papers and 12 elective papers with dual specialization options; and two project works (Summer and Final) of 100 marks each. Each student shall be required to take six papers from one functional area and six from another functional area. In addition, a continuous personality and attitude development programme shall be conducted.

The Curriculum and Syllabus shall be modified with the approval of Post Graduate Programme Committee once in every two years to keep the same up-to-date. However, minor modifications can be done as and when necessary, with the approval of the Director.